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Preston Elliott, AICP

email: PrestonElliott@rpmtraffic.net

email: PrestonElliott@rpmtraffic.net

Preston is a certified planner with RPM Transportation Consultants. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in urban planning from Florida State University and a Master of Public Administration Degree from Tennessee State University. He is a certified planner with over 23 years of professional transportation and comprehensive planning experience.  Preston has been with RPM since 2007.

In addition to private consulting, he has worked for two state departments of transportation (DOTs) and three metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) throughout his profession. Preston is well-versed in the statewide and metropolitan planning regulations having been both an MPO Coordinator and a Transportation Manager at TDOT. Preston has assisted seven of the eleven MPOs in Tennessee in the development of their long range transportation plans (LRTPs) and has served as project manager for TDOT’s first statewide LRTP in 2005.

Preston has extensive experience in corridor and sub-area plans, the program development process, and public outreach and involvement. In addition to these efforts, he has assisted numerous communities in the development of bicycle and pedestrian plans both at the regional level as well as at the city level. 

Preston has authored papers on transportation planning and is often asked to speak at technical conferences. Throughout his career, he has been active in professional and civic organizations; his activities include serving as Chairman of the City of Franklin Transit Authority.

Preston has received the following awards for his service:
- Tennessee Section ITE, Outstanding Individual Activity Award, 2003
- American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Quality Trail Blazer Award, Planning Assessment Project Team, 2003
- Nashville Business Journal, Nashville Emerging Leader Award Finalist, 2009